What are the benefits of designing your own home?

When you think about the home buying process, the images probably springing to mind are of viewing a whole lot of open homes, trying to picture what life would be like for you and your family if you decided to buy there.

It’s very common, in this scenario, for a home to be almost perfect. To tick most of the boxes, but to leave a couple of things just out of reach. A bigger kitchen, a bedroom that received more natural light or a property more suitable for a growing family.

Well, what if we told you that you don’t need to try and shoehorn your life into an existing structure? Designing your own home has a whole heap of benefits, below are just a few.

Why design your own home?

1.  Meeting your needs

As we’ve alluded to, designing your home, rather than buying an existing property means you get complete control over crafting the space to match your desired lifestyle.

Know that you’ll be working from home a lot? Designate a room that will meet the requirements of a home office.
Know that kids are on the horizon? Factor in space for a bedroom (or two) and a playroom.

Put simply, you can maximise the functionality of your home to ensure that every detail is geared towards making it the ideal place to live.

And it’s just not functionality, if you’re looking for a particular architectural style that’s hard to find in the general property market, you can let your creative streak dictate the aesthetics of your next home.

2.  Including the latest technology

If you want your home to include smart features like lighting control, advanced security and remote heating control, new build homes are the way to go. This is because installing features like these isn’t always easy in older properties. And, by designing the home yourself, you can choose precisely what technology you want, so there are no growing pains while you learn how it all works.

3.  Budget control 

Rather than sitting in a property auction watching the prices steadily rise, or haggling a final price with the seller, you’ll have the opportunity to make decisions about the price point of every element of your home design and build. 

By being so intimately involved in the project, as well as setting the budget at the start, you’ll be firmly in the loop as the build progresses, so there will be no nasty surprises.

4.  Your choice of materials

Selecting the materials from which your home will be constructed isn’t only important from a budgetary and aesthetics perspective. Doing so gives you peace of mind that the home has quality at its core and won’t throw you a bunch of expensive maintenance curveballs further down the track.

It also allows you to be more selective if, for example, you want your home to be in an environmentally conscious manner by choosing low carbon products.

If you’re curious about how designing your own home works in practice, or want to get the ball rolling on the process, get in touch with the experienced team at Golstruct Homes today.