Why new builds are perfect for a lock ‘n’ leave lifestyle

With New Zealand’s international borders re-opening, our horizons just got that little bit broader. Opportunities to holiday abroad are back on the table.

While you’re enjoying a well-earned break, the last thing you want is to be worrying about things back home, and properties tend to be one of those niggles that can play on even the most determined holidaymaker’s mind.

If you’re looking forward to welcoming back a jet setting lifestyle, a lock ‘n’ leave property is what you need. A lock ‘n’ leave home is one where you can close the door behind you and be confident nothing will go wrong while you’re away. Here’s why new builds provide this security in spades

1. They’re low maintenance

One of the reasons new builds are so popular among Kiwi buyers is that they tend to require less maintenance than older properties. A good way to think about this is comparing a new and old car. After a few years of ownership, it’s likely you’ll need to take an older vehicle to the mechanic more frequently to fix the little things that go wrong due to wear and tear. The same is true of older houses. Whether it’s roofing, pipes or even the front door, the more use they get, the more likely they are to need maintenance work.

This might not be too much of a problem if you’re at home (though it can still be expensive and frustrating). But if something goes wrong while you’re away, the headache is a whole lot worse. 

A new build, with modern and recently fitted appliances and features, is much less likely to give you maintenance problems, meaning you can relax and enjoy your time away.

2. They’re secure 

The same modernity and innovation that comes with newly built homes should also give you peace of mind regarding security.

Firstly, in a new build, your locks and security systems are more modern, and therefore less likely to experience maintenance problems themselves. Secondly, you can choose to include additional security features in your new build, as the property design and attributes will be yours to select.

If you know you’re going to be away from home frequently, or for extended periods of time, you can choose to include security features that might not be so easy to add to an existing property. These can include smart locks and security cameras with video feeds you can monitor from a smart device. Such features mean you can keep an eye on your property from wherever you are in the world, and there’ll be no such thing as wondering whether you locked the front door.

3. You can design them to match your lifestyle

This is one of the beauties of designing your property. You have the power to create a home that will perfectly match your lifestyle, rather than trying to shoehorn the way you want to live around an existing property. New builds are ideally suited to the extended freedoms we’re all going to be enjoying in 2022, so it’s a great time to take a look at the customisable property and land packages offered by Golstruct Homes. If you have any questions, get in touch with our expert team.