5 reasons why new homes are cooler in summer

Who doesn’t love summertime? The days are longer, there’s more sunshine and plenty of outdoor activities to get involved in. But being stuck inside is a different story altogether: if you’re living in a house that’s not built to handle the heat, things can get sticky, sweaty and all-round uncomfortable very quickly.

Homeowners with newly built homes have the advantage, as modern designs are specifically made to counteract the heat and keep every room cool and breezy. Here are five things that help them achieve this:

1.  Insulation

Insulation isn’t only useful in winter. It does more than just keep out the cold – it creates a thermal barrier that also stops outside heat from getting in. So, on a baking-hot summer day, good insulation will help protect a home from warming up. This means the temperature inside is generally lower – plus, there’s less stress on air conditioners, as cooled air stays put. New properties, such as those built by Golstruct Homes, include thick, high-quality insulation, ensuring the temperature tends to stay to your liking.

2.  Double glazing

Again, double glazing isn’t just a winter feature. In fact, you might notice a few overlapping reasons for why new homes are better in both winter and summer. That’s because the technology for keeping heat in also works to keep heat out – which is very handy on hot summer nights. Double-glazed windows prevent heat transfer, meaning you get the benefit of bright sunlight without the indoor temperature skyrocketing. It also limits UV damage, so your furniture, carpet and curtains are less likely to fade. Plus, double glazing also helps to insulate sounds, which is perfect for this time of year as lively parties and BBQs become more frequent.

3.  House design

The layout of a house can make a huge difference to how cool it stays over summer. Properties by Golstruct Homes are built with airflow in mind – so, generally, breezes are able to pass unimpeded through main living spaces and into outdoor entertainment areas. This keeps warm air from stagnating and raising the indoor temperature.

Design is especially important for multi-storeyed builds: hot air rises, so new properties are built with wide windows that help keep heat moving through and out of the home.

4.  Top-quality materials

Materials make a big difference. Obviously, new homes have little wear and tear, but they also tend to be made of material that has better thermal mass (which keeps heat out) – plus, they’re usually better sealed, so it’s harder for hot air to get in and for cool air to escape.

While we can’t account for every new home, all properties by Golstruct Homes are built with passive design principles – meaning that, through the use of quality materials and construction techniques, our homes work naturally with the surrounding climate to maintain a comfortable temperature. This helps reduce the need for air conditioners over the hottest months of the year.

5.  Orientation

There’s more to orientation than just maximising sunlight. When you take summer into account, admitting a nice, cool breeze and preventing glare or overheating are also equally as important. Whether you’re selecting from our home and land packages or designing a new house from scratch with us, we take into account every possible factor to ensure your home can beat the heat and keep you comfortable all summer long.

Get the best of every summer in a home that’s built to keep you comfortable all year round. If you’re interested in finding or building your perfect property, get in touch.