6 luxury features that only new homes can have

Buying or building a new home has plenty of benefits over moving into an established one – and we don’t just mean the extended warranties and modern materials. There are some features you simply can’t build into an established home: they have to be there from the start.

Here are 6 of these little luxuries that existing homes just have to miss out on:

Underfloor heating

Say goodbye to chilly morning sprints to and from the shower. Underfloor heating in the bathrooms is a classic addition that you can often only get in new homes.

Installing it in an established property often costs more than the value it adds – so if you’re not a fan of cold tiles, make sure you include it in your home design early.

Butler’s pantry

Also known as a scullery (though we think it loses its air of sophistication if you call it that), these little rooms are fantastic additions to a home design for anyone who likes a little extra room in their kitchen – especially for those who want to be able to hide dishes away from guests before the big reveal.

Second lounge

The humble living room is often the core of the household. It serves as a meeting space, a relaxing space, a play space, an entertaining space, and, in ever-increasing numbers due to the need for remote work, an office space too.

That’s an awful lot of roles for a single room to fill – which is why so many new home designs include a second living room to pick up the slack. Whether you convert it into a jumble room for the kids to play in or make it the ‘adults only’ space for when guests are over, we’ll leave to you.

Walk-in wardrobe

Ever had to choose between two pieces of clothing, knowing that you have to throw one of them out to make space for the other? Not with a walk-in wardrobe you don’t.

Adding one of these to your new home design instantly removes the need for a separate free-standing wardrobe that takes up valuable floor space in the master bedroom, not to mention the ease of which you can then access all of your clothes. No more losing things to the back of the drawers!

Covered alfresco space

Kiwis love a barbecue – it’s practically a national pastime. But all too often, these fun family events are ruined by the onset of rain or even the chill of a cloudy day.

If you include a dedicated alfresco dining space to your home design, you never have to worry about whether the weather is right for a few beers and a snag with your mates.

Central heating

Heat pumps are pretty great – you can install them into existing homes relatively easily and they can help keep you warm even in the dead of winter. But have you ever experienced the power of central heating? Perhaps not – most established homes in New Zealand don’t have this level of temperature control pre-installed, and it’s tough to get it into a home that wasn’t designed for it.

Include it in your new home design, and you’ll be treated to one of the most comfortable temperature control systems available on the market today. You just have to plan ahead!

Looking to include these features in your new build? Check out your options with Golstruct Homes – we might even have a home and land package with your preference already designed. Discover luxury here.