6 reasons why winter is better in a new home

Feel that nip in the air? That’s winter calling. But just because it’s knocking at your door doesn’t mean you have to let it in – and homeowners who have invested in a freshly designed and newly built modern home have a few legs up on the fight against the cold and damp. Here are just 6 of them:

1. Insulation

A lack of insulation is perhaps the number one reason that so many New Zealand homes are cold and damp. Even the most powerful heating system will struggle to keep things toasty if the heat is leaving as fast as it’s being generated! New properties built by Golstruct Homes don’t suffer from those problems, with fresh, thick sheets of insulation includes as standard.

2. Double-glazing

Did you know that up to 31% of a home’s heat is lost through the windows? And if a home was built before 2007, windows account for the single largest proportion of heat loss according to BRANZ! New homes with double glazing already built-in ensure your windows are pulling their weight keeping the cold out and the heat in.

3. Passive design

The idea behind passive design is simple: build a home using materials and techniques that naturally keep the place comfier in the cold weather, taking the pressure off artificial temperature controls. That means passive homes are easier and cheaper to keep warm. Many of Golstruct Homes designs have passive design principles already integrated into their architecture, while older homes often don’t share those same benefits.

4. Modern heating

Heat pumps are practically a New Zealand icon at this point, but many older homes either don’t have them or don’t have the capacity to have them installed. Modern homes built by Golstruct are different and can include sophisticated heating solutions like HVAC, central heating or heat pumps. That means less time stoking the fire, changing the gas cylinder or switching on the space heater, and more time enjoying a toasty home!

5. Less mould

One in five NZ homes are mouldy, according to Statistics New Zealand, and a big part of that is the inability to remove the moisture we all generate as part of daily life. Water vapour from dryers, cooking, even simply breathing can let mould take hold – but not as easily in well built modern homes. Extractor fans built into dryers and shower domes that keep showers steamy (and everywhere else dry) are just a couple of the features that new homes boast and older homes lack. New homes are that much less likely to suffer from mould as a result.

6. New materials

There’s just something about new stuff. The smell of a new car, the smoothness of a fresh coat of paint, the satisfaction of using a new tool for the first time. The same is true for new homes, and we’re not just talking about the joy of the first step through the door. Freshly built houses haven’t had the same amount of damage or deterioration that older homes do, making them better at keeping you warm.

From insulation to double glazing, passive design to modern heating solutions, staying comfortable during the winter is much easier in a new home. To take your first steps into a warmer place to live, get in touch with Golstruct Homes via our website or on 0800 465 787.