A look at 3 of Auckland’s fastest growing residential areas

During the next 30 years, 2,500 homes will be built in Kumeu and Huapai alone, according to the local board. This growth should transform the area into an even more liveable and exciting area that still has the tranquil rural feeling of its origins.

North of the city, another new housing centre is cropping up. Milldale and Millwater are in another growth area in the city, surrounded by beaches and new retail centres. These three areas, Kumeu, Huapai and Milldale are among Auckland’s most promising and fastest improving suburbs. Here’s why.

Kumeu River Winery is one of the best in Auckland and it’s just down the road.


Kumeu was once a  rural community with a small population of farmers, winemakers and seasonal workers. As Auckland city has spread outward over the last two decades, it’s quickly transformed into something much more exciting.

The Kumeu village centre is currently being redesigned, upgraded and redeveloped. Key initiatives include moving industrial buildings away from the centre, building more walkways, cycle paths and green spaces, and investigation into providing rail to link Kumeu and Huapai to Westgate and the city. There are also plans to create a community hub of greenspaces and social areas around the arts centre and the library.

This will no doubt improve the already excellent lifestyle on offer in the area, which is already home to some of Auckland’s best eating and drinking at nearby venues like the Hunting Lodge, Kumeu River Winery and the Tasting Shed.


Kumeu’s neighbour, Huapai, is also benefiting from the growth. It was once even sleepier than Kumeu but has quickly caught up and is now home to several residential and commercial developments.

This area still offers the same tranquil, friendly atmosphere but with all the convenience and growth opportunity of Kumeu.

Mildale and Milwater are growing and improving fast.


North Auckland is growing almost as fast as the northwest. One of the main centres of that growth has been the Silverdale area, with Milldale and Millwater at its heart.

Millwater is mostly completed and offers a beautiful master planned community of new homes that all have easy access to the motorway and are a short 25 minute drive to the CBD. Milldale, the newest development in the area, is located just over the road in a gently sloping valley that’s bathed in northern sunlight.

Milldale will benefit from the booming population of Millwater, as new cafes, shops and restaurants have already popped up. The suburb also has easy access to central Silverdale, the beautiful beaches on the Hibiscus Coast and several excellent public and private schools.

One thing’s clear – these areas are only going to improve as they grow. Expect better transport links, cooler shops, cafes and restaurants and an enviable lifestyle for you and your family. If you’d like to get in at the ground level and invest or live in one of Auckland’s fastest growing areas, get in touch with the team at Gosltruct Homes today.

*Image credit: Kumeu River Winery Facebook