Auckland areas benefiting from $10Bn transport spending

Northwestern and southern regions of Auckland have been earmarked for a huge $10 billion in transport spending to support population growth. The Auckland Plan 2050 forecasts that these areas will see 130,000 homes built and 75,000 new jobs created in the next 30 years. 75,000 of these homes will be in the northwest alone.

Suburbs affected by transport spending include Kumeu, Huapai, Whangaparaoa, Milldale, Warkworth, Silverdale as well as southern suburbs like Pukekohe and Drury.

Light rail to Kumeu and Huapai

Light rail is already planned from the CBD to Westgate in Auckland’s northwest. But recently NZTA Chief Executive, Fergus Gammie revealed to the NZ Herald that rail will probably be extended to Kumeu in future:

“Extending modern trams to Kumeu is being driven by already congested roads from a housing boom and projections of 25,000 more homes in the northwest by 2032.”

The NZTA is clearly confident that growth in Kumeu and Huapai will continue as they’re also planning a new highway and cycleway to the area. The highway will start at the roundabout on Brighams Creek Road at the end of the northwestern motorway, rejoining SH16 near Waimauku. The cycleway starts at the same spot and follows the rail line into Kumeu and Huapai.

Light rail would help ease congestion to the northwestern suburbs. 

What does this mean for the area?

If these projects are completed, they should shorten the commute from Kumeu and Huapai to the city dramatically as well as reducing congestion on the roads.

Above all this will make life better for those who live in the areas. Nobody enjoys traffic and these transport projects could make it far easier to avoid, and less severe when you don’t have a choice. Cutting commute time to the city and better connecting Huapai and Kumeu with the rest of Auckland could also help to spur growth in the suburbs, as well as increasing the value of new and existing homes in the area.

This is a great time to live and own property in Kumeu and Huapai. If you’re thinking of making these fast-growing areas your home give the team at Golstruct Homes a call today.