The 5 most important things to think about when building a home

Building a new home can be overwhelming – so many questions, and usually a dozen different answers to each one, depending on who you ask.

Let’s make it easier. We’ve narrowed down 5 of the most important factors you need to consider before you break ground on your new property.

1) Budget

The bigger the house and the better the materials, the more it will likely cost. Every home design is limited by the budget, but with the right expertise, there’s usually a way to tick most boxes without breaking the bank.

What are your needs and wants? Needs and wants vary a lot from person to person. A fourth bedroom might just be a ‘want’ for some, but a ‘need’ for another family – one that has another child on the way. Make a list of these, talk it over with your family, and then check to ensure your finances match all of your needs and as many of your wants as you can.

2) Design

A custom-built home should look good. Style changes from person to person and neighbourhood to neighbourhood, so you’d best make a clear plan of what you and your family think looks best.

Have you been to show homes ? These are great places for inspiration for what you’d like to see in your newly constructed home, both inside and outside.

Have you taken a look around the neighbourhood? The best-looking homes are those that have their own individual style, but still fit in with the rest of the neighbourhood. Take a drive around with the family and pick out the best features from your neighbours’ homes.

3) Lifestyle

A newly built, customised home should reflect you and your family’s interests. Think about the things that make you happy: your hobbies and your pastimes – and your partner’s and your kids’ too!

Where will you invest the big bucks? A home full of chefs should expect to spend more on the kitchen, but a clutch of mechanics might want to forego the marble countertops and sink some cash into a bigger garage instead.

How frequently are you planning to have guests, and how many? Nearly everyone likes a good party, but what is ‘good’ changes depending on who you ask. If you’re a BBQ and a beer kind of person, a bigger deck might be good. If you’re on the extravagant dinner party end, a separate dining room might be more to your taste.

4) Land

When you’re building your home, what you build it on is just as important as the bricks and mortar.

How much land do you actually want? Backyards are considered integral by many New Zealanders, but a lot of people would prefer to spend more on the home itself and less on the surrounding space.

Are you planning any extensions? You may want to add a deck or some additional rooms in the future. Same goes for potential subdivision. To do that, you need enough land and appropriate land.

5) Family

A home you build yourself has one huge advantage over an established home: it’s tailored to you and your family. But it’s very important to consider how your family will change over time as well.

Are you going to grow your family? Best make sure there’s space for a spare bedroom or two if so.

Is your family going to grow up? If you already have young kids, they’re going to need their own room eventually. If you’re in the home for the long haul, do you have space? If you have older kids about to fly the nest, how will you use those newly vacated living spaces?

Cover off these 5 important factors and you’ll already have a solid idea of what kind of home you want to build. For more tips, tricks and information, get in touch with the Golstruct team and get your home building journey started.