What does it mean to be a Master Builder?

Building a new home may be your biggest ever investment, so you want to be certain that you can trust your builder. But with so many builders to choose from, how can you be sure yours can deliver a well-built home?

For peace of mind, only hire a Master Builder. They are the best in the business here in New Zealand and have been pre-vetted to ensure quality and reliability.

What is a Master Builder?

Master Builders is a professional association for builders in New Zealand. To become a Master Builder, builders must prove that they’re experienced, have relevant qualifications, and produce high-quality work.

Hiring a Master Builder is an easy way to avoid the cowboys and ensure that your building experience is a positive one.

Building experience

Before you hire a builder to construct your next home or investment, you want to be certain that your house isn’t their first! Before they grant membership, Master Builders verify that each builder has sufficient experience, so that you don’t have to.

Trade qualifications

It’s always a good idea to avoid unqualified builders. Hiring a Master Builder is the best way to make sure your builder is qualified to do the job. Master Builders require all members to have a high level of industry qualification.

10 year Master Build Guarantee

Your home may be your biggest ever investment. Building or renovating with a Master Builder ensures that investment is protected with an industry-leading 10 year guarantee. This guarantee has protected over 140,000 homes over the last 25 years and applies even if your builder goes out of business.

Expert support

The Master Builders organisation is staffed by some of the sharpest minds in the building industry. All members have access to support and advice from these industry experts.

Verified quality

Master Builders contact previous clients of builders, to verify the quality of their work before granting membership. That means if you choose a Master Builder, you can be confident they’ll deliver superior workmanship, from the foundations to the finishing touches.

Financial responsibility

The last thing you want is your builder going bankrupt halfway through your build. To ensure all members are financially stable and responsible, Master Builders require written references from their bank, accountant and building materials suppliers prior to membership.

How to find Master Builders 

You might be thinking ‘Master Builders sound great, but where can I find one?’ To check if your builder is a Master Builder or find a Master Builder in your area, jump over to masterbuilder.co.nz. Simply type the company name into the ‘check your builder’ tool to verify that they’re a member or use the find a builder tool to find Master Builders in your area.

If you type Golstruct Homes into the tool, you’ll find our Master Builder profile. We’ve been in the industry for 10 years and becoming Master Builders was an obvious choice for us. We’re committed to providing the highest quality homes, and a positive experience for all of our customers, which fits perfectly with the Master Builder ethos.