What is a house and land package?

Buying an existing home in Auckland is a challenge at the best of times, and it’s only getting tougher. House and land packages are a popular alternative that are becoming more and more attractive in this hot property market.

But what exactly are house and land packages and could one be the right choice for you?

What is a house and land package?

A house and land package is essentially a section of land and a newly built home available to be purchased together. This method of purchasing or building a new home simplifies the process by giving you one point of contact and one price for both the land purchase and the new build.

Usually these packages are created by builders or developers who buy land, then either:

  1. Build homes on them and offer turnkey homes that are ready to move into.
  2. Sell the land to the buyer then build a home on it.

Option number one is easy and convenient but can be more expensive and offers little or no chance for customisation of the home.

The Golstruct Homes way

Here at Gosltruct Homes, we’re all about option two. We allow you to select a section of land, then we work with you to build a fully customised home that is perfectly suited to you and your family (and the section). 

This process usually has five simple steps:

  1. You select your preferred section of land and purchase the land from Golstruct Homes.
  2. Our expert architects and designers work with you to create a floorplan, look and feel for your new property.
  3. Once design is finalised, the build commences. You’ll draw your construction loan down in six phases to finance the build.
  4. Once construction is complete, we install fixtures and fittings, tidy up the site and hand over the key.
  5. You move into a beautiful new home and love every minute of it!

We build this way because we believe your home should be customised to your lifestyle and your family, to help improve your quality of life.

The benefits of a house and land package

Buying a house and land package from Golstruct Homes has a range of benefits compared to finding your own section and approaching a builder separately, or buying an existing home. These include:

Easier finance: banks like the certainty of house & land packages from companies with a proven track record (like Golstruct), which may make getting lending easier. 

Full customisation: every aspect of your home can be customised, from the floorplan and exterior finishes to the colour of your walls. That means it’ll be perfectly suited to your tastes, needs and lifestyle – unlike most existing builds and turnkey packages. 

A fixed price contract: once we’ve completed designs and plans for your home, we can offer a true fixed price contract – meaning you know exactly how much your build will cost down to the dollar. No budget blowouts here!

Simplicity: we find the perfect section for you and manage the entire build process. This makes a Golstruct house and land package a very simple, stress free way to build a new home.

Are you looking for your forever home? A house and land package with Golstruct could be perfect for you – find out more here.